MP-3HD Power Chair

The MP-3HD power chair is the ultimate heavy-duty electric wheelchair that proves its dependability to even the most active of users. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, this sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing model offers unbeatable maneuverability… even on rugged terrain. In addition to an increased weight capacity of 500 pounds, other features include a durable steel construction, a user-friendly controller, a deluxe-size captain’s seat and numerous adjustable comfort features.

MP3C Power Chair

The MP3C Power Chair is an excellent and reliable model armed with features designed to ensure unrivaled comfort and stability. Sturdy yet stylish, this compact power chair also comes in your choice of blue, red or black.

MP3RW Power Chair

The MP3RW is a tough, heavy duty power chair with an added weight capacity, adjustable features, great maneuverability and a comfortable, deluxe-sized seat.It comes in your choice of red, blue or black.

MP3C Junior Power Chair

The MP3C junior is a compact, ultra-light and extremely maneuverable power chair that disassembles for easy storage or transport. Reliable and economical, it’s a fantastic “take anywhere with you” model.

Sprinter 889 DXB4-4

With four-wheel drive, full suspension and unrivaled comfort and stability, the Sprinter 889 DXB4-4 is an stylish and highly maneuverable heavy-duty scooter with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Sprinter Jumbo 3

Part of Shoprider’s Jumbo series of heavy-duty mobility vehicles, this sporty, sturdy and dependable scooter model meshes great style with a powerful motor, unbeatable comfort and a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Sovereign 888B-4

An excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use, the four-wheeled Sovereign 888B-4 blends affordability with maneuverability, stability and a stylish appearance.

Sovereign 888B-3

Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, this three-wheeled Sovereign 888B-3 model achieves the perfect balance of style, reliability, maneuverability and stability… and all at an affordable price!

Sunrunner 777 – 3/4

This model offers the power and reliability we have come to expect from Shoprider, but incorporates a new-and-improved aerodynamic design. Enjoy swivel and sliding seats, flat-free tires, comfort adjustments and improved safety features.

Pioneer 3

The Pioneer 3 is a three-wheeled scooter boasting a comfortable adjustable seat, a user-friendly console and a compact design that makes it easy to take it with you.


Stairlfits have many features to make you life easier to live.

Jet 3 Power Chair

The Jet 3 power chair boasts excellent maneuverability, various comfort adjustments, stability and a bold, contemporary design that is compact, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Pioneer 1

In the midsize Pioneer 1 you will find a reliable indoor and outdoor scooter that achieves the perfect balance of comfort, convenience and affordability. Plus, its compact design makes the Pioneer 1 easy to disassemble and transport.

Go Go Travel Vehicle

The Go-Go Travel Vehicle takes easy transportability to a whole new level! It quickly and conveniently disassembles, so feel free to take it anywhere, even without a lift!