Sovereign 888B-4

An excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use, the four-wheeled Sovereign 888B-4 blends affordability with maneuverability, stability and a stylish appearance.

Sovereign 888B-4 Characteristics

  • Sliding and swivel seat
  • Mirror & adjustable tiller
  • Deluxe captain seat & full tiller shroud
  • Headlight
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Sovereign 888B-4 Specs Sheet

Optional accessories available.

Wheels 4 wheels
Overall width 21.5″
Overall length 48.5″
Ground clearance 3″
Travel range

(varies with terran and operator weight)

25 miles
Speed 5 mph
Weight capacity 300 lbs
Motor size 75 hp
Unit weight

(excluding batteries)

156 lbs
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